• Not strictly a paint question (anodising) but would a bike need to be fully stripped if you were just having 'spot' anodising done? Would the process of spot anodising logos be similar to paint where a negative/positive mask is applied to the area?

    Any recommendations for anodising Ti frames in the UK, preferably near London?

  • Do a couple of Google searches on DIY 'cause this is doable as a DIY effort.

    Try Metrolplating or Poteon in the UK if you're not feeling up to doing it yersel.

    The bike will need to be fully disassembled in order that it can be done properly.
    That's true of all "proper" refinishing.
    Not fully disassembling is a sure sign of a bodge.

    If you go the route of having it done professionally keep in mind that even you want a small area covered, that's not always an opportunity to ask for a cheaper job. Tooling up can often be the same if you want a stem or a full bike refinished.

    Lots of anodising logo graphics often include media blasting... it's easier to get sharp lines and logos with the masking and blasting steps rather than passing a current through the metal.

  • Really appreciate the in-depth reply, as always! I'll look into the DIY process but in general, I'm not overly confident when it comes to this sort of thing, feel like if it can go wrong, it will for me!

    I thought a full strip down would be the case, no problem!

    The frame is a Curve GXR and the areas I want anodising are already a sandblasted finish, assuming I've understood that correctly.

    I'll look up the two mentioned companies, thanks again for your help.