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  • Hydro-dipping is a lot of fun for repeat patterns and such like but any type of plunge process isn't well suited to tubes as it can't "meet" perfectly.

    Next thing to consider is that hydro dipping doesn't always apply colour in the way it is designed. It's often ink just sitting on the surface. I know I go on about this a lot but it is vitally important to apply paint "properly" if you want a strong and robust finish. Automotive products aren't made for a paint brush or a low-pressure application etc. We can do great things by breaking the rules - marble textures, splatter for example are popular - but strong, well-cured paint is from a gun, over a well prepped and primed substrate and is then sealed under an appropriate clearcoat (or two) and then wet-flattened and polished.

    What I do with Dan at Cole Coatings or with Paul at Quinntessential relies on no one particular novelty or style; instead we pride ourselves on executing any type of finish to the highest standard we can with the best products and tooling... that is to say; single colour on a shit frame or twenty colours with mad airbrushing and specialist effects on a carbon race frame... you'll get the same level of quality in the finish.

    That type of effect you're talking about can be done in lots of ways but for something as highly detailed and textured as your image, I would recommend Lucia aka Velofique. Lucia was in my workshop a few weeks ago to learn how we polish and detail a frame and I was lucky enough to see her work up close and it looked amazing - like a true starscape or galaxy. She uses alcohol inks and manipulates them to flow and float around to get unique and organic arrangements.

    I've yet to put the time in to getting to grips with that technique so I wouldn't recommend myself at present but I would highly sing the praises of Lucia. Tell her I sent you.

    Any (good) refinisher you do get in touch with at this time of year will have a wait list. Summer bikes get painted in winter. You couldn't get your bike over the line this side of the New Year with me and I imagine Lucia might be the same. I know Ali and Becca are booked solid at the minute and I'd hazard a guess Tommy and Jack are also.

    Good luck with your finish!

  • Excellent response and more than I was hoping for, greatly appreciated!
    I will get in contact with Lucia to see what's possible.

    The frame I have in my mind for this still needs to be built, so I'm not pressed.

    Thanks again!


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