• Don't want to speculate, but if they were turning right off Knights to take Crown Lane in direction of Streatham Common then the area where traffic waits to turn left/right across the junction is quite sketchy, especially for cyclists.

    Edit: Added a screengrab from Google Maps. Lots of traffic. The driving around West Norwood and the surrounding areas can be... 'below-average' at the best of times.

  • Then let's not speculate. I can only find one news report so far, with a couple of timed updates that seem to be based on mere hearsay (and I won't quote them here):


    It always takes a while for information to become firmed up, so let's be patient.

    There is even still confusion about where exactly it happened--the police statement says Knight's Hill, not Crown Lane. Whether it was right at the junction or some distance away hasn't been reliably reported yet.

    Edit: I just saw that the police statement has been updated since it was quoted in the article above.