• Oh shit. I came through that junction yesterday around 4.30pm, it’s on my usual commute. Police and forensics everywhere, guys taking photos with markings on the road and all that. They were concentrating the corner of Beulah Hill turning west into Crown Lane towards Streatham Common.

    It’s not a particularly dangerous junction and it’s well filtered and signalled, with cycle safe boxes on all four points. I guess we’ll find out in time.

    RIP rider.

  • Don't want to speculate, but if they were turning right off Knights to take Crown Lane in direction of Streatham Common then the area where traffic waits to turn left/right across the junction is quite sketchy, especially for cyclists.

    Edit: Added a screengrab from Google Maps. Lots of traffic. The driving around West Norwood and the surrounding areas can be... 'below-average' at the best of times.

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  • Best not to speculate. Photos I saw on Twitter showed the blue sheets to the right of your streetview image. As if they were coming up from Streatham and it was just before the junction.

    Fuck knows what happened or how, but we know someone lost their life.

  • Then let's not speculate. I can only find one news report so far, with a couple of timed updates that seem to be based on mere hearsay (and I won't quote them here):


    It always takes a while for information to become firmed up, so let's be patient.

    There is even still confusion about where exactly it happened--the police statement says Knight's Hill, not Crown Lane. Whether it was right at the junction or some distance away hasn't been reliably reported yet.

    Edit: I just saw that the police statement has been updated since it was quoted in the article above.