• I've been working from home full time for the last two years, happy to answer questions or share tips.

    The first small thing that made a big difference for me was making sure to get up at the same time I would have been commuting. It might feel like a great way to get a lie in, but waking up and logging in straight away becomes very depressing after a while. Certainly not worth the extra hour in bed.

    Also, if you live with a partner/family, try to set clear boundaries. If you have the luxury of a spare room/office, then close the door or ask others to respect your working times like knocking before coming in or to call/txt if they want your attention like when you were at the office.

    If you don't have separate space, and/or are both trying to work at home in the same room, have a definite agreed plan about calls meetings. Who goes first or who takes their laptop into the bedroom etc.

    Make sure you get up and change your scenery every once in a while. Take your coffee in another room, stare out the window, go for a short walk (if possible/responsible in the current situation).

    Suggest to colleagues you have a 10/15 min catch up, on video if you can face/support it, helps keep a level of human interaction apart from the people living under the same roof.

    If I think of others I will post them.

  • "Also, if you live with a partner/family, try to set clear boundaries."

    The ;ack of boundaries almost drove me to a breakdown at times if I'm being honest. Bit of self reflection and lockdown was nice in terms of family time and randomly taking the bike out on a weekday lunchtime, but in terms of trying to do my job I realise now as it went on I was cracking up. Not good.

    Round 2 imminent!