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  • Is that just on the route builder thing on Connect?

    Would be useful for running as I want to do one 5k run a week but I want it to actually be 5k rather than the 8 or 10 I end up doing if I just head out with no route in mind as I just end up buggered for days afterwards if I do that.

  • Yeah that's the one - I tend to stick to popularity routing if it's somewhere i'm not totally familiar with & it seems to work pretty well, I still always zoom in & check exactly where it's sending me just to be sure though!

    I used to like throwing in a couple of short runs per week - great for fitness & half an hour is enough, my knees have staged a revolt however so that's scrapped... mate of mine has been doing a bit & seen some good improvements in his cycling... he lost 2 stone into the bargain so he's now much lighter and fitter, he was never a slouch before but now it's hard to keep up if he's pushing on


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