• But you are attempting to turn a profit on used parts.
    List it where you want but don’t be surprised if people call you out for being snide as fuck...

  • Fair enough but for 175 it's a solid decent riding beater! I didn't think it seemed to unreasonable as you can see I have been a long time buyer/seller on the forum and have made donations
    Of course it's hardly a big profit considering the time sourcing and building up the bike

  • Apologies - I rarely comment, but important to note recovery of cost is not the same as "turning a profit".

    In order for your statement to be correct, you must be certain that all the parts did in fact cost less than the offered sale price, while also making allowance for the labour/time cost of assembling the bike. Fact frame was free is an aside.

    "But you are attempting to ~turn a profit~ recover cost on used parts." This seems more fair to me.


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