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  • I think if you stay within a cycle distance it's ok, you're not really taking the piss. Suppose it's like sturgeon said first time round, if it feels wrong don't do it.

    Actually not a bad day for it today, but being a hearts fan I sat up drinking whisky to toast the memory of zaliukas and there is no way I'm going out today now.

  • Aye that was a shocker, he was supposedly a lovely guy!

    I went out yesterday & again today for a random lunchtime spin - roads round the West End are as bad as you might expect at 1pm... ended up just taking random turns when things ahead started to back up, not really the most enjoyable but at least I got out for a bit!

    I remembered earlier the lovely algorithms at Garmin will make a route for you if you give it a start point, distance & tell it roughly which direction to head - so will give this a bash tomorrow, looks reasonable & seems to avoid the worst bits i've done the last couple of days, although that hill at Cleveden is a bastard on a bike with no gears!