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  • What's everyone's feels about leaving their council area during a ride?

    I think the FM said you can cross into other areas for exercise but to try and keep it to areas that are on the same level as yours? Which really means I can go further afield than I was up until now as I'd been trying to stay within the gg&c healthboard area whereas now I could cross into Ayreshire and Lanarkshire if I wanted, though I hear they are aw big durties so might keep out of there!

  • I think with the whole central belt being the same level it's fine - during the summer lockdown I was heading out for rides that crossed Renfrewshire / Inverclyde / Ayrshire without straying all that far from the door - although I would always go early enough I rarely seen another soul, would avoid cyclepaths like the plague as they were always crowded & take enough with me that I wouldn't have to stop anywhere during the ride

  • Yeah that makes sense.

    During lockdown #1 I want really caring about where I was riding, just was doing all rides from the flat instead of driving anywhere. I realised I’d popped out of the health board area on a ride about a month ago and tried to reign it in after that.

    Trying to get a decent mileage in within gcc boundaries would be tiresome.


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