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  • man, I rode in the north/west a couple of weeks ago for the first time in about 12/18 months... holy mother of god the traffic is abysmal over that side, even on the quieter B-roads. think a big issue is that the roads between e.g. balloch/drymen or strathblane/aberfoyle are the arterial routes out of the city towards the north. can ride for hours in the south criss-crossing lanes without seeing nary a car... on the north/west, my heart rate was spiking from car stress alone

  • Yeah, I've not been out that way for a while - remember it being a bit hairy at times & it's even worse getting there from the Byres rd in the first place - I'll probably just follow my nose & see where I end up... most likely doing laps of the park - ding ding motherfuckers!


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