• Hi Brian. Payment received with thanks!

    Listen, I've just grabbed the pedals and I've noticed something I completely forgot!

    One of the small float adjustment grub screws is stuffed (right pedal). I now recall it was quite tight, and I stupidly managed to somehow round the screw off. I've just tried removing it with pliers, but can't get enough purchase on it.

    So....it still works fine- it's just set-up as per the float I had set. It's up to you whether you still want to take the cleats or not, and I totally apologise for forgetting the screw issue. I can either obviously refund you immediately, or if you want to still take them, I'll give you a fiver back and send with a spare grub screw and you can have a go at getting it out?! It might not be an issue if my float setting suits you (I didn't ride with l o a d s of float, maybe 6-9 deg).

    Again, my apologies for being an idiot and I'll await your reply. Cheers, Rog


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