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  • Hi all - thought i'd keep this going rather than start a new thread, anyone have any decent West-End quick routes I could rattle off in my lunchbreak, 10 miles or so? Trying to avoid the worst of the traffic so probably away from Partick / Dumbarton rd - don't spend much time cycling around here so not sure if there's any short, quiet-ish loops I hadn't thought of.

    When the weather's half decent I cycle in from Lochwinnoch, then at this time of year I usually get the train in & cycle home but now thinking about leaving a bike in work to get out for an hour when it's light instead of being a martyr & doing all my cycling in the cold / dark / rain.

    Also - if anyone needs any ideas of routes out this way, I spent a fair bit of time wandering around the back roads of Renfrewshire over the summer & there's a few good (but hilly) routes out here.



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