• this is fucking awesome

    will you be insulating the walls?

  • So, that's a good question.

    Original plan was

    phase 1
    Build and get it watertight, insulating only the floor (because of the challenge of doing this once the building is built)
    phase 2 (when I have more money)
    Insulate and clad the internal walls and ceiling and get power out there, using a professional for the more challenging bits of the electrics.

    But, we're not really sure how long we'll live here and I don't have much cash, so in the end that's all changed around a bit.

    The current situation is the cabin is built and watertight, the ceiling has been insulated with Freecycle insulation and clad in white painted MDF, and I ended up learning the electrical stuff myself and running power from the main house CU.

    The walls are currently uninsulated and unclad, and I probably won't get to that anytime soon.

    I'm happy to wear a coat while I'm working in there for now

    BUT, all of this is yet to come in pictures, so sorry for the spoilers