• I clad all the walls with the 11mm OSB before raising them. There are advantages and disadvantages of doing this.

    Obviously it's a lot easier to attach sheets on the ground than to a vertical surface. And it also means you can get your walls perfectly square using the guaranteed squareness of the sheets, and then not worry about squaring them once they're up.

    However, it does mean the walls are bastard heavy. I could have raised the walls myself if I'd raised them unclad, but doing it this way meant that I needed a mate to help me raise the walls. One of two times I needed help during the whole build.

    Fortunately the shortest wall is 2.4 metres so social distancing wasn't a problem!!

    *Note - I tried to be clever here by also attaching the battens for the metal cladding before I raised the back wall, as there's not much room behind the building. But I forgot I'd be putting house wrap on first, so these came off again when I realised my mistake...

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