• I'd been meaning to get round to building a new shed, workshop and sometime studio (I'm a photographer) at the end of the garden since we moved in in 2018.

    I got planning permission for a 6m x 3.6m structure which was necessary because of the height and the proximity to the boundary. In the end, because of a) financial reasons and b) the uncertainty about how long we will actually stay on this house I downscaled my plans to a 3.6 x 2.4m space but still with the 2.4 metre eaves height and 3+ metre apex height.

    My plan was to use some large double glazing units I had, from when we replaced some aluminium sliding doors with french on the back of the house, as two large fixed windows. These were to both be on the front of the structure but then when I downscaled the design I moved them to either side of one corner.

    My inspiration was the Hebridean architecture I saw a lot of when I went to Skye - simple, eavesless cabins with steeply pitched dual-pitched roofs and clad in relatively inexpensive but hard-wearing corrugated sheeting. The attached image is an inspiration shot from my mood board.

    I make furniture a bit and am a handy person, but didn't have much experience with projects of this scale so spent a lot of time on YouTube and researching timber framing and how to use this sort of cladding etc. When lockdown happened as a freelancer I suddenly had NOTHING to do so it was the perfect opportunity to get started.

    It took me a while to find somewhere that was open and had stock during those most strict early lockdown days. Eventually I managed to get 90% of what I needed in a basket on Fullham Timbers site and surprisingly it was as cheaper and in some cases cheaper than the then-closed Selco.

    I had to wait nearly a month for everything to arrive, but when it did I had a pile of treated and untreated studwork, OSB, joist hangers, insulation, cladding and concrete blocks in my garden and the summer was on its way...

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