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  • More idiotic road-building as part of the Tories' long-hatched plans to revive the stupid nonsense temporarily abandoned in the 90s (not suggesting that Labour, were it to come to power, would be better, as there would probably be a good deal of policy continuity in this sector):­2020/oct/25/it-feels-like-a-nightmare-su­ssex-villagers-aghast-at-road-plan

    Some people are so ignorant it's infuriating, especially when they spout the same long-refuted nonsense over and over. Step forward Andrew Griffith MP:

    Andrew Griffith, who was one of Boris Johnson’s first appointments as chief business adviser before he became Arundel’s MP in 2019, said he had worked with the government to “secure the necessary support for Highways England to proceed” with the new road.

    “It will reduce congestion, enhance air quality, improve road safety and support much-needed employment and economic growth,” he said. “Some question whether we need to improve our roads at all. Whilst I support a rapid switch to cleaner and quieter vehicles – and the UK is a leader in this respect – they will still need roads to drive upon and there is nothing environmentally friendly about pollution caused by congestion.”

    It's just frustrating when these things go in pointless cycles.