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  • It's a very complicated balance. At the moment the west side of Wandsworth bridge road struggling and Wandsworth bridge itself has restrictions due to works. There's talk of making Imperial southbound only. WBR has no right turn into it from New Kings Road and now none for non residents into Imperial. Hammersmith Bridge being closed is adding to the traffic.

    I'm guessing you have some professional experience in the subject. This system would make an interesting case study I'm sure, there's very little room for manoeuvre.

  • Yes, I forgot to mention the issue of banned turns on cell boundary streets. Cell boundary streets must be two-way, with all turns permitted, for filtering to work.

    No professional experience, no, just 20 years' volunteering experience (which may be better than professional in some ways). I researched filtering and realised that there are no flawless filtering schemes anywhere, so I wanted to find out why and came up with a list of dos and don'ts. These are hard to achieve but worth it.

  • Certainly in my own experience of community volunteering you can get a view of things that the professionally interested parties don't have. How to get the information to the decision makers is usually the problem.

    There are currently discussions about the west side having the same scheme, main downside to that is our neighbours on Wandsworth Bridge Road who will be stuck with a huge amount pollution.