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  • "I don't recollect anything that would formally be a dildo"

    Q. Did you ever have a relationship with him? (Epstein)

    A. Define relationship.

    Q. Did you take pictures of nude females?

    A. Nude you mean with no clothing on?

    A. So it is possible that I took pictures of people that were somehow semi orhad some clothing on or no clothes on but at no time were any of these pictures remotely inappropriate. The types of -- first, I took very few and they were always by request, this was a picture you could put on your -- gift to your parent or to your grandparents to put on their mantel piece. I know where you are headed with this and it's nowhere appropriate and it's really unattractive.

    MS. McCAWLEY: I am going to put on the record, Ms. Maxwell very inappropriately and very harshly pounded our law firm table in an inappropriate manner. I ask she take a deep breath, and calm down.

    Q. Is it an obvious lie you had sex toys in Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach house?

    A. Can you repeat the question?

    Q. Is it an obvious lie that you had sex toys in Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach house?

    A. I don't recall any sex toys.

    Q. If someone said had you sex toys, would that be an obvious lie?

    A. What's a sex toy?

    Q. Are you aware of , in your experience with Jeffrey Epstein, of any interstate or international transportation of women aged 18 to 28, for the purposes of prostitution?

    A. What do you mean by prostitution?Ā­ts/7274479/Maxwell-Deposition-2016.pdf


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