• This van has been bloody ace. I've done many trips from London-Devon in it with my Vespa/bikes/surf stuff in the back and it's a real delight to drive- it effortlessly munches miles and generally goes, stops and handles better than a van has any right to whilst averaging 40mpg on a mix of longer trips and London traffic.

    It's very clean and tidy and doesn't exhibit any of that baggy quality that vans at the lower end of the market tend to- a slightly saggy bolster and a shiny knob are the only clues to it's age imho.

    I'd love to hang on to this but with a partner who's (hopefully) about to pass a test and a street that impossible to park on, I'm gonna need a smaller and easier to drive vehicle sooner rather than later (or risk losing my no-claims bonus).

    Bad things are that it has the glow plug/EML light on and reports a fault in the glow plug circuit. It will go into a minor limp mode if you apply full throttle for a sustained period at low revs, but comes instantly back to full power with an on/off. It's easily drivable around and doesn't affect use in any way. Internet wisdom says I should clean the EGR, the MAF and tape up the glow plug loom and all will be well. I have full intentions of doing this but with various life stresses at the mo, I haven't quite managed to muster the enthusiasm- I seem to spend what limited free time I do have fiddling with bikes and little 2 strokes.

    The good:

    140,000 miles with a fully stamped service book including cambelt less than year ago.
    Drives bloody nicely and very well looked after.
    Really nice head unit with input for reversing camera
    Tires etc all good.

    The Bad
    Glow plug/ eml light on
    Occasional limp described above
    Intermittent wipe doesn't work- the contact on the stalk wears but can be repaired easily with a blob of solder
    Some very minor dings- pictured as well as I can.
    MOT is up in Dec, other than the EML I don't know of any reason why it shouldn't pass.
    I'll give it a thorough clean for you.

    Price is £1700, location is Leyton E10. Delivery might work as long as you live in a place that looks fun to ride home from.

    Pics https://photos.app.goo.gl/33B8VpTfndvcpk­iz6

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