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  • I don’t agree that more regional power/federalism is the way to go, it creates massive inequality between regions. We already have that with London and the north east and devolution in Scotland and Wales.

  • it creates massive inequality between regions.

    Disagree. Inequality between regions occurs for entirely different reasons. Federalism creates local power/admin/economic bases which at least raise the base level in each region and guarantee that a certain amount of money circulates in the local economy, with a faster and shorter feedback loop and a proportionally greater impact of the individual's vote/actions. It doesn't prevent inequality if central government is incompetent or indifferent, but the kind of centralism we have gives much more scope for inequality and pretty much guarantees it won't be fixed.

  • Fair points but I think a federal system means that different regions are pitched against each other to ‘win’ money from the one pot. Also I have serious concerns over the competence and corruption of the people making policy at regional level. Whitehall civil servants get a bashing but I’ve been one and hold those guys in high regard.


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