• Yes, the article does need a but of tidying up (I'd say especially at the front end). And I think there's definitely a US slant and it does make you (if you're from the UK, which most people on here will be) say things like "but, that's not what I remember, I sort of remember this and I know that". But, and I think this is kind of relevant, is the whole music being "discovered", explored, repackaged, and sold back to a different audience without paying reference or making the originators any financial gain. The same can be said of Trax records (I think) and how the masters for lots of the original house tracks are owned by someone completely different.

    It's definitely got a US slant. It might not pay full reference to the wizard mixtapes or the importance of belgian new beat to the development of R&S (sigh) or how the raves of 89-91 in Blackburn were more important to the people in the UK than gatecrasher (for example). But it tells me that working at mixmag in the last 5 years must have been shit with all the tech bro analysts telling you what the music is about and for.

    Also see Byron Hunt and hypermasculinity in hip hop.


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