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  • I've used the blue insoles for 10 years and get on well with them.

    That feeling might be how it is supposed to be. One of the things that insoles go on about is metatarsal buttons. The idea is that a lump under the middle of your foot spreads the bones out, which is meant to be a good thing. May be a case of getting used to it at first. But worth googling metatarsal button + insole or something to see if that is what it is.

    Do you have your shoes a size or two larger than your feet? I generally get cycling shoes a couple of sizes up. In some shoes, which are maybe a bit bigger than others, the insoles seem to slip forward, putting the support in the wrong place.

  • I reckon I might persevere with them, seemed to be less bad on my ride home last night.

    Will be interesting to see hope I get on with them on a longer ride. Might stick the original insoles in a jersey pocket just incase though!

    Interestingly my left foot doesn’t seem to care what insole is in it’s shoe.

    As for size, no I think my shoes are properly sized. My dhb shoes are actually a smaller size than I’d normally wear being a 44. Im a46 in shimano and between 45 and 46 in non cycling shoes.


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