• I'm quite enjoying Lenny Henry's Race Through Comedy

  • I'm quite enjoying Lenny Henry's Race Through Comedy

    Back in 1991, Channel 4 had a season of films/programmes that had once been banned, mixed with documentaries on censorship. One of the documentaries was by a bunch of right-wing journalists and commentators making the claim that the British media censors right-wing speech. I watched it, to keep an open mind.

    About half way in, after a lot of moaning from people like Melanie Phillips about how everybody in the media hated them and how the media was blatantly left-wing biased, the theme switched to how it supposedly manages (deliberately) to be subtly anti-right. At which point, the Murdoch hack who was the main presenter said that the BBC and Channel 4 managed this trick using "cunning political operators like Lenny Henry".


    "Cunning political operator". Lenny Henry. One of the safest, most mainstream acts from the alternative comedy scene. The thing that threatened the presenter was that Lenny was black and (had been) hugely popular. Clearly part of a Marxist plot, him going on Tiswas and being all multicultural in front of the kids.

  • Is this on the bbc?
    I watched his documentary/autobiography thing and he's incredible. The personal mental gymnastics he must have been performing.


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