• This may be an odd request...
    has anyone here worked regularly as an extra? I'm trying to work out if I have enough money to give up work but know I'd like to do something to earn that extra bit of cash for bike and non-bike related stuff...
    A guy I used to know was an extra on Four Weddings back in the day (he opened the church door in wedding 1) and I've always fancied giving it a go. Just looking for experiences good and bad, barriers and benefits.

  • My dad did in NZ, he was in Shortland Street, Sparticus, loads of TV ads etc... Good fun if you've got loads of time to burn. He was being paid but not much.

    I don't think you'll be buying many bike parts if you're in the UK though - I've dealt with talent pay a lot though not extras as they didn't fall under my remit but even paid actors with a decent amount of lines really aren't being paid very much in the drama's I've worked with.


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