• I have an eclectic sense of humour, I suppose.

  • Joking response aside, I agree with Aamer Rahmer that there is a valid distinction to be made between systemic, oppressive racism and (for want of a better term) ‘casual’ or less historically entrenched racism. However, I don’t agree that the latter isn’t racism just because it’s more recent than the former.

    I think that racism is discrimination, prejudice or bias regarding a person because of their actual or perceived ethnic heritage, both cultural and physical.

    Telling a Norwegian of Han Chinese heritage that ‘they can’t be Norwegian because they don’t look Norwegian’ is racist, even if the Han Chinese and Asian people haven’t historically been treated in Scandinavia the same way that Black people have historically been treated in the West. I confess I don’t know tons about Sino-Norwegian relations, so it potentially isn’t the best example, but I hope my distinction is clear.