• It's going great! * touches wood *

    I've already serviced the supercharger, I still need to replace the waterpump as the motor factors gave me the wrong one when I was doing the service so I left the old one in until I'm doing the pulley.
    I've also modded the airbox and installed a K&N conical filter and an upgraded intercooler (eBay special but I have a diverter on the way for it so it will be almost identical to an Airtec thereafter).

    I've just ordered a lightweight 17% reduced pulley and cold spark plugs, I should also have a full Miltek exhaust and sports cat manifold fitted in the next few weeks.

    No disasters thus far and it's been a blast to own and drive! * touches wood again *

  • Good to know. That’s confidence boosting, but still haven’t found one that doesn’t give me the jeebies.

    You working on the car yourself? How easy is it to work on if space was say..a little less private?
    You documenting the build anywhere?


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