• Pretty sure this is what my folks used to have before they had me.

    #csb incoming....

    They were going to buy a TVR 2nd hand and tried to get one of those AA checks. Unfortunately no one was available but they suggested a more expensive indy. The chap rocked up in a suit and explained he would review the car, then give them the run down, then go though it with the dealer. He proceeded to put on his overalls and opened up his mini wheely board and reviewed it.

    It was two cars cut and shut, which amongst other things had cut up tyres stuck in between the springs to "fix" the suspension.

    In the review with the dealer he started with the most minor things, which the dealer obviously gave excuses for building up to the climax of throwing him a piece of the cut up tyre from the shocks.

    Anyway, he recommended the Fiat and it turned out to be a great car.


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