• So a couple of friends and I decided to put together 500 point armies for some matches once lockdown allows. I've been building White Scars, one's building Black Templars, the other is building Tyranids. I've done 10 intercessors, 3 outriders and half an Invictor Warsuit so far. Got a captain on bike to paint and that'll be the 500 points then I'm aiming at 1000 points. I picked up the new primaris chaplain on bike and an ATV, I'm going to get 2 more ATVs and some more outriders when they're available but not sure what else I should put in the list. I'll take some proper pictures soon but they need a little touching up first.

    I've got the new SM codex now as well as the new core rules book and waiting on the White Scars supplement from ebay.

  • Unless you already have it: Don't get the supplement, it's for 8th edition and probably not legal anymore in 9th.

    Also: Sounds like quite a strong list you're building. I pity the guy playing Tyranids. :D