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  • Took a ride up to Dursley / North Nibley and stopped off to see the Tyndale monument. Super steep walk to the top, but as you can see, the views made it all worth it. Unfortunately the monument was closed due to covid. After a small break we rode into the woods on a random path and just got "lost". We managed to find a nice little spot with plenty of widowmakers, but luckily the wind was non-existent. Still a bit eerie. Wood was everywhere, which was great, as I only brought my wood stove! It was a lovely place to camp. We only heard one group of people the whole night, and it was some night MTB riders with their torches flashing through the trees randomly. Super quiet night with the occasional owl. Definitely plan on going back to camp higher up, as on the way out we saw so many amazing spots. Would recommend.

    sketchy eh?


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