• Hello there, a bunch of stuff for sale; all items located in Amsterdam (NL) and can be shipped at relatively low cost (about €8-10 without Track & Trace, about €15-20 with).

    1. Rapha Core Cargo shorts, size Medium. Don't get on with the pad; worn a handful of times. €50
    2. Rapha Core bib tights, size Large. Too big for me; worn about a dozen times. €SOLD
    3. Rapha Winter Cargo tights, size Large. Also too big for me. Worn a handful of times, some "cracks" in the reflective patches on the calves, other than that in top condition. €155
    4. Rapha Winter Windblock jersey, size Medium. Bought on here. Very warm and windproof but I prefer the racier fit stuff. €SOLD
    5. Rapha Pro Team training jacket, size Large. Wore this the last couple of winters and have looked after it well (washed carefully and re-proofed with Nikwax). €SOLD
    6. WTB Resolute tires 42x700 (pair); have about 1200km on them; decent condition. €30
    7. Conti GP4000 S2 25x700 (pair); good condition. €SOLD
    8. Conti GP5000 23x700 (single); only about 200km so excellent condition. €15

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