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  • I have the Solestar kontrol for cycling shoes, Superfeet green for all else.
    Insoles you get with shoes generally suck and lack support all over.

    Could also be slight imbalance in pelvis, hips or lower back which could lead to your legs not being perfectly straight. If you have some discomfort somewhere else, try to find an osteopath who is also an athlete, they generally have quite an insight on body mechanics.

  • I’ve had some sciatic pain but pretty sure that was a separate issue and send to be clearer up now anyway.

    I was hoping for a cheap fix so think I will experiment with things myself probably starting with insoles rather than go and see a bike fitter although I guess that would be the quicker way to get to the bottom of it.

    I think I’ll measure the Q factor of the two (or maybe three?) bikes I’ve gotten the pain on so far, I said it was all track stuff but actually the bike I was riding the other day has road cracks albeit they are DA 7402 sitting on a 107mm bb so that might still be pretty narrow.


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