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  • Went on a short one to the wetlands of Severn Way from Bristol. It was a quick 15 mile ride out through heavy rain, but by the time we arrived, the sun was beaming. Went north alongside the river until we crossed the Pill and reached the wetlands. There was some good mud to ride through that was made even softer by the local cows we kept passing. The guy riding with me wasn't very fond of cows, so we kept a quick pace.. until we hit the gates. There were so many gates. We lifted our bikes, fully loaded, at least 7 times, haha. Each little dirt path we'd planned to follow into the woods had been blocked by gates, so we just kept moving north. Eventually we found an open pasture that had an abandoned farm and no cow crap! Plenty of sheep crap though. We had our little wood burning stoves and they cooked up a few brews and dinner a treat. Hit the sack around 9 and probably only slept about 3 hours. Temp got down to about 4c, which was nice. It was a great test run. Going to go around Dursley in the middle of the week and do something similar. I don't have all the cool bag kit yet so had to rock panniers, and found it fine.


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