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  • Damn.. the old route section went through Molini. Most riders stayed up on the Via del Sale though and went past it. The pool in Molini is so good, it's a lovely place.

  • Yes, Molini's great, spent a week there last Easter. I would have detoured there on TNR if I had more time/was faster. Contributed to their fundraiser already, but I'd be up for supporting anywhere that's suffered on the TNR route.

    I would guess by the time riding the TNR is feasible again (presumably Spring at earliest) things will have resolved themselves somewhat as to what people do/don't want in the way of tourism & which ways are passable. I'm sure there'll still be a good route through or around of some sort.
    But I can imagine a lot of skiing related businesses might go under in meantime with the tunnel closed/covid, etc, so who knows what it will do to the area.


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