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  • No, they were repairing or more like stabilising sections in 2017-18 but I'm not sure where it's up to. Dilemma then was the need to re-route for rider safety / liability reasons while also knowing that passing trade was an income for a couple of businesses in the village and they didn't want to be abandoned or seen as cut off.
    Same thing here now on a far bigger scale. Certainly a need to separate out what's good for the TNR as an event in the short term vs the far greater considerations for the affected area. The whole topic needs some time plus input from business owners in the affected areas, maybe we'll get that in spring or early summer if appropriate. Hoping to make contact with someone who can speak for the area as there's events like the HAT motorbike enduro and cycle sportives that will all have similar questions.

  • I guess as I'm not doing TNR itself just stealing the route it's a question of safety and whether the communities are ready for people or not. Nobody wants to make it worse. Maybe worth trawling social media for people who live there; for example ridehousemartin on IG was raising money in Molini so she could be a good start given she's also engaged in bike-related tourism


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