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    A frame showed back up for sale I sold in Okt 19.
    The seller is claiming he bought it from Pista Mercato (@Kobe). That’s who I sold it to. Problem is he claimed the frame never arrived and tracking was unclear. He got his money back via PayPal and I had to fight half a year for my money until I got papers from DHL , which confirm that the frame was delivered to Pista Mercato. Ebay listing is claiming he bought it in January/February but I was able to get my money back in March, while Pista Mercato was still claiming he never got the frame. This was a really frustrating attempt to scam me and even with PayPal I had to struggle hardly.

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    He is living in the Netherlands, while i'm living in Germany. I don't think it would help much to report it as theft or report it to PayPal, since i would need the seller of the eBay listing as witness. PayPal even made my life hard, since the first 3 employees could'nt/would'nt help me , but on 4th try I did'nt have to say anything on phone as she read the paper provided by DHL, which clearly said the package was delivered on 22.10.19. She just told me i would get my money back in a few seconds.

    I don't think this is worth reporting anywhere, then to people that could get in touch with him. Just posted this here and told people I know , who are following him on IG.


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