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  • Well, 7 pages of increasing excitement about doing this at some point just got blown to smithereens.

  • I am sure that you'll still be able to do a great ride along a lot of that route before long - there are so many good offroad paths crossing that bit of the country that there'll be alternatives if the existing route is too damaged to be passable. Plus it's a big mountain biking area with lots of related tourism which means bike routes won't be ignored.

    Just seen that the Valle Argentina got hit pretty hard as well. I hired a mountain bike from these people on holiday last year­?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link and feel really bad for them, last thing they need on top of covid.

  • Damn.. the old route section went through Molini. Most riders stayed up on the Via del Sale though and went past it. The pool in Molini is so good, it's a lovely place.


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