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  • Well, 7 pages of increasing excitement about doing this at some point just got blown to smithereens.

  • I am sure that you'll still be able to do a great ride along a lot of that route before long - there are so many good offroad paths crossing that bit of the country that there'll be alternatives if the existing route is too damaged to be passable. Plus it's a big mountain biking area with lots of related tourism which means bike routes won't be ignored.

    Just seen that the Valle Argentina got hit pretty hard as well. I hired a mountain bike from these people on holiday last year­?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link and feel really bad for them, last thing they need on top of covid.

  • There's another way to go if needed, the Col Tende is the only real way over the mountains in that area but the Mercantour to the west has loads of great riding. All the valley roads there look to have been hit, though not seen the Var mentioned in reports. The Var is stunning.
    Changing the event route not a priority yet, was hoping to do a spring edition next year but no chance now. Will wait until we can get some ride reports and get out there next summer. All seems a bit irrelevant though after seeing the damage online, people lost lives and their homes.


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