• So during quarantine I really wanted to make another project, something off-grid, to get me going to forests, lakes and all the places I wanted. 26 inch retro frame, some wide bars, get those wide tyres in and let's get going.

    I bought a Cape Wrath from 97 from retrobike. I thought i would share my build process and future plans for it.

    Frame arrived safe and sound from UK to Lithuania via local couriers.

    So once it came, i found lots of random little strange details which made me wonder "why" :D
    I discovered that the there are strange black marks of paint mostly around lugs and screw holes etc. I think somebody try to spray it black on the nickel plating? Have no idea. It came with full xt set, set up as 8 speed (even though rear derailleur is 9 speed). And finally it has a goldtec chainring with teeth cut down to almost oval zero, to serve as mud protector for the ring :D :D good, i like it. i will leave it that way for now.

    Plan was to get rid of the fork. Get modern wide handlebars, put new tyres, go for a ride.

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