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  • I’m at home, exasperated, on top of the homekeeping stuff I’m trying to keep one kid on top of his homework and the todler from destroying everything so that my wife has a fair chance to work a little.
    And I’m so bloody pissed off by everyone who is bored or suddenly have time to draw or organise crap or whatever!

    This. Six months later and I'm fucking exhausted.

    Today I was standing outside the vet with a mask on, waiting with my cat. Some twit started shouting abuse at me for wearing a mask and being paranoid, one of the sheep. Normally I'd just brush this off and ignore, because there are a lot of local dickheads where I live, but I swear this time I was literally inches away from dropping everything and giving this guy a fucking pasting.

  • I had someone start ranting at me about the distance that people passed each other on the street (it's too far, wake up scheeple etc). He obviously thought I passed at the correct distance as he said 'I knew'.

    Looking forward to the media and Tories weaponising this at the next election and it'll be about anti-maskers/truthers.
    I presume election 2029 will be the flat earther election.


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