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  • Have come here for a sizing rant. Have just measured myself against the Rapaha / Cafe du Cycliste sizing guides. I think I knew this, but the sizing is ridiculous. I’m carrying a bit more weight post baby, but still get into my size 10/12 clothes - but according to CduC I’m on the border of L / XL. That seems mad - fit / athletic women don’t stop at a size 14.

    I think I knew all this already - but actually seeing how insanely skewed the sizing is has taken me by surprise.

  • I've ordered a Rapha commuting jacket in a large, purely because I have an unworn 'medium' rain jacket that I thought was big enough to accommodate my Covid/menopause stomach back in April. An expensive unfastened cardigan, unless I manage to lose this weight. Rapha sizing is truly 'interesting'.


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