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  • I have been trying every day since I posted and I managed to be able to skid with the leg over but still clumsy and too tense. It is not one fluid motion yet to move the leg over and skid. I first put my leg over the bar, and then push my weight forward in two broken motions. I found these things help:

    • practice on grass if you fear falling over (I fell hard once so far). Grass is great for confidence but gravel is easier to skid on. Victoria Park is great for practicing on grass and even has a gravel path for runners.
    • learn first to skid with one leg only and the leading leg extended towards the side of the front wheel like advised above
    • what helps the skid is the momentum of shifting your weight forward and pushing down with the leading leg as if attempting to clamp the handle bar just above the stem with your inner thighs, and leaning the torso forward a bit while locking and pushing back against the pedal. So the skid works better when there is one fluid motion from lifting the leg over the bars to leaning forward and locking the rear leg.
    • I only managed to skid once I switched to a longer stem. I was using a super short stem that made the bike very twitchy. A longer stem seems to also give a bit more surface to support yourself over the handlebars.

    It is still scary how sometimes I hit the bar with my leading leg's foot while moving the leg over or pulling it out. If this happens at speed it's going to be an awful crash :(
    Better to practice moving the leg over the handlebars and back, over and over until it is accurate.
    I suspect the whole thing will be easier once I get a bike with a smaller frame since I'm riding a 55cm State bike while I'm only 172cm tall :(


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