1. SKS Chromoplastic Front only never used, no struts (although i think
      I have a used one somewhere cut to size though might be of use): free

      1. Set 2 x 140mm RT81 rotors - could do with a clean as they're probably a bit squeaky, but life left in them for sure: free

    2. 6 x Avid disc brake pads of some type, never used: PROV GONE;

    3. Set of Shimano road disc brakes including rotors (1 x 160mm, 1 x 140mm). Includes RS805 rear and R8070 front caliper, and part worn pads. Full disclosure: the rear one is basically fine and no issues as far as I know. The front one was quite squeaky to the extent that rather than try to work out why, I have just switched to a full replacement set, and it also has some corrosion visible on it. So the entire set of rotors, fittings, pads and calipers as per the 5 pictures is £40 for the lot, sold on that basis

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