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  • Ha that's very similar to mine. Mine doesn't have a master volume or separate EQs (just a high / low dial) but otherwise the same. I think for me it was too dirty to really enjoy playing - I like a clean sparkling tone that makes reverb shine, and it didn't really do that - but they are very fun to make.

  • Ah that's interesting - I want sparkly Fender cleans. Be interested to see the circuit diagram for yours to see how much NFB was in? That's not tricky to change at all, so depending on how it works, I can always swap a resistor or two around for a bit more.

    I'm keen on building one, the only thing that's putting me off is the price of bits....

  • I think 1watt is just too quiet for cleans really, unless it's whisper quiet. Fun to build tho. The specs were on the Vyse Amps website, well worth a look.


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