• funny you should say, first think i did was check they fit (43x700) and well, much like the tyre colours it's definitely marmite!

    @oheyitsdrew think you dodged a bullet, even on 700c it's pretty low, next to my cad it looks like a childs bike without the touch points on

  • yeah! think it's 80 if you want two colours, or if you want a specific colour they don't have in stock.

    @fizzy.bleach from this one experience yeah, for £50 I can't fault it, the only prep i done was remove all the bolts/ bits and leave a note in the seat tube specifying what i'd like masked etc, whether they read it or thought i was a dick for telling them how to do their job i don't know, but all came back as i specced. they seem to have bikes featured often on their pages.

    @alialias has apparently used them too when they were at their old location and has had mixed results, but didn't leave a note in the seat tube :thonking:


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