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  • Haha you're right! Apologies in advance for the shit pics due to bad phone.

    Basic idea was a kind of "do-it-all" bike for my usage, which means 650B fixed with geometry based on a current 700C road frameset that I had converted to 650B fixed and felt comfortable with, wanted the same measurements, but some slight adjustments: mudguards eyelets, track dropouts but 130mm rear spacing for current WI hub (ENO eccentric, converted to standard now), raised bottom bracket.
    Some cool features like segmented fork with initials inspired by one of @Hulsroy 's build, small Orlowski logos engraved, etc.

    A new chain or some links (old one was a bit short, hacked an additional link but pin is very tight so not moving well) and stainless mudguards (will probably purchase GB) away being finished.

  • Nice frame, actually kind of similar to my do-it-all Orlowski that is rolling on 35c tires in the pic. It can Actually take 45s I guess. I like it ...

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