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  • Yeah, 3. Lomond Roads, Glasgow Wheelers and Glasgow Green. All are a bit different, are you looking to join a club? what kind of riding are you after?

  • As I'm getting into road more and more, I've started to wonder about whether I should go along to a few club rides.

    My mates who cycle mainly live in edinburgh/up north/are into downhill MTB so I am always out solo, which I enjoy but it might suit to have a fixed club run I could work into my week.

  • Apologise for the long post in advance...

    All the clubs I ride with are different in terms of their club runs. Depending on what kind of ride I want, and what day I can get out, I'll choose who I want to ride with:

    Glasgow Green: Sunday rides at 8:30am. Probably the most "club" like bunch. They always announce the routes on the Friday beforehand, have an m-check before they set off, have multiple stops and, usually, a coffee stop at a big enough place for everyone (currently suspended). They ride in several pace groups from 14-16mph no drop, up to 20+mph race pace. Routes are rotated but essentially they have about 4-6 that they ride in one direction or the other. They're a big club so most riding is on main roads. All groups ride in a rotation in the summer and some switch to spells in the winter. Every group does the same route so you can step up/step down if you want as there are a couple of stops in the rides. Usually about 50 miles at most in length. On a nice day they can easily get 30+ riders out in different bunches and 40+ isn't unheard of. If I don't want to think about what to do and don't want to ride all day I head out with GGCC. They have no rules on mudguards in winter... Also, currently rides are only open to club members. With so many people it's the only way they can handle the current restrictions.

    Lomond Roads: Ride on Saturday. Old school club. Most riders know each other very well and it feels like what you would expect a club run to be I think. Usually run 2 groups, one 16mph on a shorter route and one 18mph on a longer route. Rides are on their website and can vary from 60-100+ miles. They ride spells and they're a great bunch to ride with you want to get to know the roads out west. Rides can obviously be quite long, especially if there are mechanicals, but they have some great routes. Fair warning they use the A82 and the A8 on some rides which I'm really not a big fan of, but it's never felt unsafe. If I'm up for a bigger ride or I have to ride on Saturday I ride with them.

    Glasgow Wheelers: Ride on Sunday. Smaller membership but like Lomond Roads. Aim is to run one shorter, slower group and one longer, but numbers usually mean it's a single group and people extend at a point if they want to. Rides announced on Friday and club captain decides the route. Really friendly bunch and a later depart time of 9:30am which may or may not work for you. I'd prefer a 9am depart and there is a tendency to hang about a bit if people have stopped at Tinderbox for coffee. In the summer they run some really long, all day rides which are great.

    The other option is you could head out with those of us who do longer rides on here? I rotate between club riding and doing my own thing with mates, either geared or fixed, and you'd be welcome to come along. Pace can vary a bit, from an easy 16mph spin in the sun to 18+mph hilly leg shredding and it usually depends on who's out, but we're honest about pace so won't say it's going to be easy then smash it up every hill.