• Hi all, been on single speed for a lot of my riding since Feb this year and love it, Charge Plug. Not running it fixed, but single speed, changed freehub to halo clickster, running really nicely.
    Chain question. Do the same rules apply to checking chain wear in terms of using a regular chain checker. I have replaced chains on this bike fairly quickly so far when they have got to 100% wear which has been at about 1300 miles (KMC 710, and 510 respectively), now on a KMC K1. Even as new the chain is on the 0.75 wear marker so wondering if the 100% marker is as applicable on single speed chains? the 12" measurement i read is 24 links, pretty sure when i did this measurement its 23 links on the K1 so not so sure a chain measurer is that relevant. Does anyone who rides single speed have a rule of thumbe on mileage, i would have hoped to get a good 5ooo miles not the 1300


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