• Love the goals bit at the end^ Aiming at 32! goodonya.

    To the OP
    I generally don’t break wheels, but have a habit of overbuilding them anyway.

    Can recommend Alpine III spokes in whatever spoke count you opt for, also consider Sapim Force which are similar and can be a bit cheaper. The best price I’ve found for Alpines in the UK is https://www.singletrackbikes.co.uk/m37b0­s445p77731/DT_Swiss_Alpine_III_silver_sp­okes_13_15_14_g_%3D_2_34_1_8_2_mm_box_10­0_/Wheel_Spares

    If you’re building a tandem, I’d use 40 spokes minimum, and 48 is all good.

    There are good 48 spoke rims out there, Velocity cliffhanger is the obvious choice. Bitch to get hold of, and pricey. Tubeless too. Also velocity Atlas def come in 40, not sure if 48. Either would be not much better than Ryde’s heavy duty offerings (Andra 40 & Big Bull) but more spoke versions exist.

    Check out tandems.co.uk for some high-spoke hub offerings, including a Hope, various Orbit hubs, & Schmidt dynamos, in disc and non- , various spacings, etc. There are also cheaper rims in high spoke counts there, Exal I think.


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