• Very tall and very heavy are subjective. If possible add in some decent ballpark numbers.

    I’m 6’ 4” and have been 140kg, thankfully am now closer to 120kg but still have at least 20kg to get off.

    I lost faith the rear wheel on my trek hybrid 3 years ago with multiple spoke failures. It was infuriating, Also I couldn’t find a fix. Had I been on here at the time no doubt one of the wheel building experts would have been able to help.

    I got in touch with PIM cycles up north somewhere and they build a bombproof 48 spoke wheel for me. Kinlin Adhn rim, Suzue hub, sapim spokes. I wore out the brake track and subsequently did a rim swap myself with an identical rim bought from one of the tandem specialists.

    I sold that bike at the start of lockdown and the wheel went with it.

    Now I am on a 36 spoke Kinlin XR31 (the offset one) and an ultegra hub with sapim spokes. SPA cycles built this for me at a very reasonable price. It’s been superb and would recommend.

    I think it’s important to get to a decent sized tyre and stay with reasonable tyre pressures, say 32-37mm wide and 80psi.

    I’m targeting 32 spoke when I get to 100kg.


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