• Hi everyone,

    A friend of mine is dating a guy who is both very tall and very heavy. She is a keen rider and likes touring, she wants to help him sort out his bike (an old steel tourer) so he can come on longer rides. I'm helping her with this; she's not on this forum.

    The main thing seems to be that the chap's size has meant that he has experienced more than one wheel failure in the past.

    I started thinking about building a wheelset using 40-spoke or even 48-spoke hubs/rims, but these seem rare/expensive/only-for-pre-1960s-track-­bikes-or-BMX.

    Then I started thinking that 36 spokes is fine as long as it's all very tough. Thinking something like Mavic A719 rims, DT Swiss Alpine 3 spokes, and something like Deore hubs.

    I don't know much about tandem wheels, but presumably the rears in particular need to be very tough (two people's weight + two people's luggage)?

    I thought I'd ask on here, in case anyone has relevant experience/advice/knows pitfalls to avoid/etc. I'd be grateful for any advice. Cheers!

  • speaking from experience and having been at a regular riding weight of 120-130 KGS for most of the last 15 years, I have had significant success riding on London streets with the following:

    Road - Campy Record hubs laced 3 cross to DT Swiss RR 585 rims
    Fixie - Phil Wood 32h hubs laced 3 cross to H Plus Son SL 42 rims
    Fixie - Royce 32h hubs laced 3 cross to H Plus son archetype rims

    All used either SAPIM or DT SWISS spokes

    The bottom line is quality works....



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